Quilters Sampler Packs

Here's some GREAT ways to get acquainted with all or some the mediums and loft grades available from Quilters Dream Batting!!   Already a Quilters Dream user?  Choose from many of the varieties listing on this site! Looking for your own combination?   Not a problem, just email me direct - Quilternatives@sbcglobal.net  and we will put something together just for your quilting needs!


One 60x60 Batt in nine mediums Quilters Dream currently manufacturers. Natural Cotton in Deluxe and Supreme, Deluxe White Poly, Black Poly Select Loft, Wool, GREEN, Puff, PINK 80/20 and Orient!

All 9 Batts, FedEx shipping included anywhere in the Continental US - $139.99


This sampler includes one Twin Size in each of the following mediums; White Poly Deluxe, Puff, Angel Select, Black Poly Select, Green, PINK 80/20 and Fusion! FedEx shipping incluced anywhere in the Continental US.  

TWIN SAMPLER - All 7 Batts! - n/a


Natural Cotton Loft Sampler 4 Queen Size 1 Request, 1 Select, 1 Deluxe, 1 Supreme - n/a



Select one!

Selection ONE includes both Natural and White 80/20 in 3 sizes; 2 Twin, one Natural, one White; 3 Queens, 1 Natural, 2 White and 1 Natural King.

6 Batts with FedEx shipping anywhere in the Continental US - n/a

Selection TWO includes 5 Queen Size Batts, one each in White Poly Deluxe, PINK 80/20, Orient, Wool and White 80/20!

5 Batts with FedEx shipping anywhere in the Continental US - n/a